Austin, TX
Newman's Automotive
3916 Woodbury Drive
(512) 447-7801
Brake, Coolant, Fuel Injection
Power Steering, Transmission

Dallas, TX
Chacho's Auto Electric
1037 S. Beckley
(214) 941-3860
Diesel Injector, Fuel Injection, Transmission

Duncanville, TX
Meadlin's Car Care
803 South Main Street
(972) 298-6224
Coolant, Transmission

Houston, TX
Memorial Conoco Car Care
13202 Memorial Drive
(713) 827-1816
Brake, Coolant, Fuel Injection,
Oil, Power Steering, Transmission

Authorized Distributor

Katy, TX
Cinco Car Center
22030 Highland Knolls
(281) 671-8520
Brake, Coolant, Fuel Injection,
Oil, Power Steering, Transmission

Midlothian, TX
Rick's Total Car Care
5181 N. Hwy 67
(972) 723-8467
Brake, Coolant, Fuel Injection,
Oil, Power Steering, Transmission

Orange, TX
Young's Automotive
3713 Mockingbird St.
(409) 883-6034
Coolant, Fuel Injection, Transmission

Richmond, TX
Greatwood Auto Repair
1520 Crabb River Road
(281) 343-8310
Brake, Coolant, Fuel Injection,
Power Steering, Transmission

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