MotorVac TransTech™ III+ MTT 1100B
Professional Equipment for Professional Service Technicians

We Sell to Shops, Schools, Government, Stores, Municipalities, Military & Distributors
*Additional Special Pricing for Schools
Complete ATF Exchange and Service Center
A complete professional In-line Automatic Transmission Fluid cleaning, exchange and conditioning system that is now even easier to use with our new Automatic Flow Direction Technology and our exclusive  in-line chemical treatment program.

New Features/Benefits:
Automatic Flow Direction Switch with Anti-backflush Filtration:  Connect and press Start, the TransTech III+ senses and adjusts flow direction automatically.

In-line Treatment Injection System:  Injects ATF Flush and Treatment quickly &  easily.

Expanded In-line Adapter Assortment:  More European, Asian and North American Coverage are now available.

Continued Benefits:
The “One Touch” Electronic Controls are ease to use and provide feedback during the service.

“Drain Pan” feature makes transmission filter change quick and convenient

"Smart” control system includes audible low fluid indication and automatic bypass at end of service

High volume waste fluid pump & dedicated waste hose for fast waste fluid evacuation

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Part No. 500-1100B
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"I appreciate your quick response, advice, and counsel on my Trans Tech Machine and adapter inquiry. I think I'll continue to use my old Trans Tech II with the addition of a few adapters. I can honestly say I have not purchased a
piece of shop equipment that has been so reliable and profitable." Stephen Westervelt/All Makes Auto
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